ISA Toronto Section

ISA Toronto Section

Welcome to the ISA Toronto Section Website:

The Toronto Section is here to serve the members of the International Society of Automation (ISA). Our goal is to provide the local members of the GTA and surrounding areas with the means to stay connected with current trends in the automation technology industries and provide the venue whereby they can meet and network with other professionals in the community.

The Toronto ISA Section monthly ZOOM meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 23, at 7:00pm.  This months topic is “The evolution of SCADA”

  • Topic:  The evolution of  SCADA
    • SCADA is the acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.  SCADA is a computer-based system for gathering and analyzing real-time data to monitor and control equipment that deals with critical and time-sensitive materials or events.
    • SCADA systems were first used in the 1960s and are now an integral component in virtually all industrial plant and production facilities.
  • SCADA Systems are widely used in the following industries
      • Oil and Gas Pipeline monitoring and control
      • Remote equipment and asset monitoring and control of production, pumping, and storage locations
      • Offshore platforms and onshore wells
      • Refineries, petro-chemical stations
    • Plant/factory automation
    • Water and Wastewater
      • Water treatment centers and distribution
      • Wastewater collection and treatment facilities
    • Utilities
      • Electrical power distribution from gas-fired, coal, nuclear
      • Electrical power transmission and distribution
    • Agriculture / Irrigation
    • Manufacturing
    • Food and Beverage
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Telecommunications
    • Transportation
    • And many others

Guest speakers …

CB Automation Inc.

Rudy Poseika has been with CB Automation for 31 years. His background
is in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, through which the transition to
software in manufacturing and “Scada” took place in the 1980s. He has served
in positions of technical support, sales, general management and is currently Director
of Automation.


Patrick Cooke was born in South Africa and attended schools there as well as in England and Canada. After graduating from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia with degrees in business and linguistics, he joined the Canadian diplomatic service. He has been at Trihedral for almost 30 years and is currently the Director of Marketing for VTScada software applications.


If you are interested in attending this online ZOOM session, please follow the link below on Thursday September 23, 6:45pm

ZOOM meeting Link 

Any question or suggestions please contact us at


Become a member or Guest Speaker: The Toronto ISA Section is reaching out to interested parties to be presenters at our monthly meetings. Member are encouraged to provide their support in promoting our section for new members and monthly dinner presenters. Please forward your interest to


Education and Training: The ISA has a full slate of on-line and in-class training courses and certifications. If you are interested in a specific area of in-class training in the GTA let us know at



District & Division: The Building Automation Division is growing and supported by the Toronto Section. Check the link for other Divisions within the ISA

Admin: ISA members, keep your email address current if you want to receive updates and news. Non-members, consider joining the ISA community.

ISA Toronto Executive Committee:

  • President: Nick Stabler
  • Past President: Leo SaLemi
  • President-Elect: Marvin Greenberg
  • Vice-President: Larry McLean
  • Treasurer: Hank Rasanen
  • Secretary: Reynold Ramdial
  • Membership Chairperson: Marvin Greenberg
  • Rules Adviser: Nissan Gutmanowicz

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